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DRILL 60 dragées

DRILL 60 dragées



    Drill® revives the dynamism of the body. The essential components are L – carnitine-L-tartrate and magnesium citrate. L-Carnitine is a natural substance that converts fat to energy. Magnesium is important in many enzymatic processes and plays a part in the transfer of nerve impulses and in muscle contraction. . Drill® contains no sugar or salt.

    Active Ingredients

    2 tablets contain L-carnitine L-tartrate 740 mg (+L-Carnitine 500 mg) – magnesium citrate 300 mg (=90 mg magnesium, i.e. 24 % of the recommended daily dosage. The recommended daily dose is 2 tablets.
    Boxes of 30 or 60 tablets.


    Drill® can be used in cases of momentary tiredness or if an intense effort is required. In periods of intense effort (sports, exams, social or family conflict situations), for sport competitions or to prevent tiredness.


    All Regions: Free

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