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ONZA 90 Comprimés

ONZA 90 Comprimés



    The ONZA® tablets are highly dosed with glucosamine HCl. Glucosamine is a naturally occuring substance produced by the human body. Large amounts of glucosamine can be found in the joint cartilage. It plays an important role in the protection and the regeneration of cartilage, being involved in the synthesis of the glycosaminoglycans and the proteoglycans. Several studies support the hypothesis that a supplement of glucosamine may promote joint health in the case of joint deterioration.

    Active Ingredients

    A tablet of ONZA® contains 1500 mg glucosamine HCl.
    It is recommended to take 1 tablet a day.
    Boxes of 30 and 90 tablets.


    ONZA® is recommended for maintaining joint health and promoting the freedom of movement. In order to have better results, it is suitable to take glucosamine over a long periode.



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