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About Al-Nakaa Scientific Bureau

Business type

We are a dynamic and fast growing Healthcare company, specializing General surgery, Plastic surgery , Physiotherapy , Kidney dialysis, products. Over the years Al-Nakaa Scientific Bureau has built a strong reputation as a reliable supplier. We are proud of our standing as one of the leading companies in Iraq in the field of registration, documentation and tendres.

Al-Nakaa Scientific Bureau is a registered in accordance and in compliance with the rules   and regulations as set forth by the Syndicate of Iraqi pharmacists.
  Registration #: 1738.
  Registration and Certification date: 03 September 2007.

Employee: 60 persons

Our Services

Logistics and Warehousing

Al-Nakaa Scientific Bureau can provide temperature controlled warehousing facilities of 250 square meters specifically for pharmaceutical products. We have 4 distribution centres and representative offices in Iraq covering the country from Mousil to Basrah.
For the direct product distribution we have more than 150 pharmacies as valued clients.
 Al-Nakaa Scientific Bureau will be opening a packaging plant in the near future.

Product Registration and Technical Affairs

Al-Nakaa Scientific Bureau has as a full service bureau the expertise to compile the dossiers required for registration. We have registered, with the Iraqi Government Organizations: Companies, Agency’s, medical / laboratory equipment and of course our core business pharmaceutical products.

Governmental Sector / Public Tender

Al-Nakaa Scientific Bureau is presently fulfilling Government contracts with the Ministry of Health in Iraq. Al-Nakaa scientific bureau have 60 distributor  for  our products around Iraq.
We also provide assistance to companies outside of Iraq who wish to tender. We gained allot of kimidia tenders within these last years.

Meet The Team


Haydar Kinany

Sales Representative


Dr. Bassam Muayad

Chief Operating Officer


Dr. Mohammed Lateef

Scientific Officer

An Agent Of:

Neauvia (The Switzerland)

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Institute BCN (Spain)

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Will pharma (The Netherlands)


Bap-medical (The Netherlands)



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