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About Neauvia Organic Company

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

NEAUVIA ORGANIC is first in the world organic line of fillers made in Italy. It was designed and produced thanks to efforts of many leading specialists in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging together with ITP SA BIOMEDICAL COMPANY. Products from NO line are using the newest technologies and were designed as a results of searching of safe and efficient solution giving natural results.

ITP SA BIOMEDICAL COMPANY is a dynamically developing company who quickly became a leader in aesthetic medicine market. Throughout the years we are delivering highest quality solutions both on the Italian and Polish market. Thanks to experience we gain in this time, we are proud to present the newest generation of fillers - NEAUVIA ORGANIC.


A tissue filler should be

  • non-toxic

  • single-phase and cohesive

  • characterized by natural consistency

Neauvia Organic – absorbable implants of the latest generation – meet these requirements: they are extraordinarily safe for the human body and characterized by high plasticity.

These features are a warranty of natural look thanks to improved firmness of the skin, better hydration of the cells and filling them up with volume, which results in the overall sense of comfort of the patient.


  • Application of Bacillus subtilis bacteria to obtain the hyaluronic acid results in obtaining of an exceptionally pure product.

  • Benefits of this non-pathogenic strain of bacteria for humans have been known and used for ages.


  • Hyaluronic acid produced by Bacillus subtilis is secreted directly into the breeding ground during the purification process in the aqueous environment.

  • If acid is obtained in any other manner (from the cock’s comb or using the Streptococcus bacteria), there is a risk of contamination with some protein remnants.

PEG POLYMER (polyethylene glycol)

As one of the first cross-linking factors in the world, does not lead to production of harmful substances that may cause adverse reactions in the human organism.

  • PEG polymer is 30 times safer than BDDE.


  • Is a naturally occurring mineral form of calcium apatite.

  • It is used in bone reconstruction and for coating of metal parts of prosthetic implants.

  • CaHA particles stimulate the skin tissues to produce collagen.

  • Thanks to being settled in hydro gel, they stay in places, they do not form clusters, which allows for elimination of granulomas.



  • Is characterized by very high concentration of hyaluronic acid– 28 mg/ml.

  • Structure of the hydrogel is similar to that of the skin and soft tissue.

  • The product is characterized by high efficiency and elasticity, it does not migrate, ensuring natural appearance.

  • The product is interdisciplinary – it is possible to apply it as a filler for any type of recommendations. It can be used for volumetric filling, face shaping, improvement of firmness of skin of the face, as well as various other parts of the body, particularly the hands and private parts.

  • It can be injected subcutaneously at any depth.



  • Combines the features of biological activity and biocompatibility of hyaluronic acid (at the concentration of 26 mg/ml) with those substances, which are characterized by microspheres of hydroxyapatite (addition of 1%).

  • It is recommended for volumetric adjustment; it can be used in treatment of large-scale tissue loss, deep wrinkles and lines, wherever the skin needs immediate improvement of elasticity.

  • It stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen.

  • It can be injected very deeply, moderately – into the fat tissue, in the case of the bones – supraperiosteally.



  • The same concentration of hyaluronic acid

  • Lower level of cross linking

  • Lighter consistency

  • Higher fluidity

  • Easier application



  • Is in form of hydrogel – viscous and elastic and clear.

  • The product is designated for mesotherapy.

  • Thanks to stabilization with calcium hydroxyapatite (0.01%), it contributes to slowing down of loss of hyaluronic acid; the effects are maintained in the skin even for several weeks.

  • It prevents loss of hyaluronic acid, ensures long-term, deep hydration and stimulation of fibroblasts to produce collagen.

  • It can be applied to the face, as well as the hands, décolleté area, breasts, neck and the entire body.

  • Application technique: intradermal, in form of small, even deposits.



We have many years of experience in creation and sale of medical devices and solution – we have won the trust of many renowned companies, such as Palomar Medical Technologies, Pollogen and LPG.

We are proud of our international network of contacts with medical centers and the best doctors and aesthetic medicine specialists in the world.

We develop our own formulas, such as the first line of organic tissue fillers.

We offer participation in congresses, trade fairs and workshops in Poland and abroad. We conduct trainings at our own training centers.

We will be glad to share our experience in PR, design and marketing.


Neauvia about compamy
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