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Neauvia: Questions and Answers

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

What is, in general, a HA filler?

HA fillers, or soft tissue fillers, are a non-surgical injectable implants used to restore facial volume, create youthful facial contours, add volume to lips, and smooth out and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds. Fillers are made of chemically modified HA and water; with the term “chemically modified HA”, we mean that HA is crosslinked with a safe chemical substance able to bond the HA chains among themselves. Without this chemical modification, HA will last not more than 24 hours in our tissues before being completely degraded. Hyaluronic acid is able to combine with water and swell when in form of gel providing a natural filling effect.


Why do I need a HA filler injection? Can’t I use anything else?

As we age, due to stress, smoking and UV exposure, our skin loses some of its hyaluronic acid as well as soft tissue volume, appearing sunken, tired and wrinkled. A proper dermal filler can address most of these problems. NEAUVIA ORGANIC line is used to restore facial volumes, to stimulate collagen production as well as to improve hydration, tension and elasticity of the skin. Thanks to these products, you will enhance your beauty by small changes and slight corrections, always maintaining your natural expressiveness.

The market is saturated with many other filler brands that don’t use the same innovative, extremely pure and non toxic raw materials, so NEAUVIA ORGANIC is the safest choice to turn back time without any unexpected side effects.

NEAUVIA ORGANIC fillers can be combined with any aesthetic medicine technology to improve the results; on the contrary, when injected with any other brand of fillers, patients can’t be treated with any other technology otherwise the durability will be extremely shorter.


Why Neauvia is ORGANIC?

Neauvia Organic is made out of the purest and safest raw material available on the market nowadays; HA comes from Bacillus Subtilis, which is a probiotic bacteria that releases HA in distilled water. On the contrary, the other brands are using HA from Streptococcus Equi, a pathogenic bacteria that needs to be crashed in order to extract the HA with chemical solvents. It is easy to understand that this method might lead to the presence of toxic residuals in the HA. Furthermore each Neauvia Organic filler is crosslinked with PEG (Polyethylen glycol), which is a polymer investigated since many years in the medical filed; PEG is not leaving any toxic residual and it’s easy metabolized by the liver. On the contrary, all the other brands use BDDE, a molecule that is leaving toxic residual after degradation, it is supposed to be cancerogenic and it’s 30 times much more toxic than PEG.

There is no certificate proving that Neauvia is an Organic filler; Organic is just a commercial payoff to underline the innovative and pure raw materials used in Neauvia Organic fillers.


I have never heard about Neauvia? Where is this brand from?

Neauvia project was born more than 4 years ago in Poland from the idea of an Italian entrepreneur, Mr. Gabriele Drigo, who moved to Poland 10 years ago and grew up in few years what is, nowadays, the most important distribution company of aesthetic medicine devices in the country, called ITP SA. Few months later, after visiting fillers producers around the globe, Mr. Drigo met Prof. Zerbinati who was working on the idea of developing a new filler concept, something completely different to what existing on the market. The joint-venture started and Neauvia was born as a private label manufactured in an Italian company, but distributed by the Polish company ITP. The growth of Neauvia has been so fast and successful that in September 2015, ITP bought the Italian manufacturing company, giving birth to a new entity called Matex Lab, based in Lugano, Switzerland. After this basic step, the company decided to go global, moving the manufacturing to a bigger location, always in Italy, to sustain the exponential growth of the sales; many steps have been taken and completed in few months like refreshing of the company image, design and realization.


Is Neauvia a class A or a class B product?

Neauvia Organic fillers are a class A product, where class A means that they are developed, manufactured and sold from the same organization; many other filler brands are sold by companies that don’t have any R&D department and don’t control production at all!


Why Neauvia is so different from the other fillers?

The innovative crosslinking PEG is giving birth to a hydrogel completely different from the others obtained with BDDE; first of all PEGylation is a science developed in many universities worldwide and is FDA approved since 1990. Having said that, PEG itself has some intrinsic properties like changing the immunological reaction and slowing down the enzymatic reactions leading to a safer and longer lasting implant. Furthermore, PEG is 30 times less toxic than BDDE and doesn’t leave any chemical residual after degradation. If PEG is used to crosslink HA, the resulting hydrogel has incredible rheological properties, much superior than any kind of crosllinking with BDDE. In few words, we obtain a filler that is more resistant to mechanical stress and to heat: longer lasting in the tissues and more versatile during summer and in countries where the average temperature is always quite hot.


Is there any unique product in Neauvia range?

Besides the “classic” volumizers, which means HA fillers crosslinked, there is a unique product in Neauvia range called Stimulate; we are speaking about a classic volumizer with the addition of the 1% of CaHA. Before the coming to the market of Stimulate, most of the doctors were in front of a Hamletic doubt: “should I inject an HA filler or a particle filler?” “Should I prefer volumization to collagen production or viceversa?” It is possible to inject both, placing the particle filler at the periosteum level and the HA filler superficially, but what about the cost for the patient? How many patients can afford to do that?

Stimulate is the solution for those patients who need volumization and collagen stimulation at the same time; Stiumlate is a filler providing excellent volumization and able to induce collagenesis and biorevitalizing effect at the same time, a revolution in the filler world.

Stimulate is a “two in one” product, which solves all the problems of the particle fillers:

  • It is reversible so it doesn’t cause any permanent side effect

  • It is 100% biodegradable

  • It doesn’t cause any calcification

  • It doesn’t need any special injecting technique

In terms of collagen production, histologies surprisingly demonstrated that Stimulate is able to produce almost the same quantity of collagen to those dedicated particle fillers products even though using a low concentration (just 1%).

Furthermore histologies showed how collagen production happens inside the implant and not outside as with all the other products. Fibroblast migrate and colonize the implant producing a scaffold of new collagen.


Is Neauvia safe?

Neauvia Organic fillers are some of the safest products available on the market; first of all the HA used in Neauvia Organic filler is the purest available on the market, which leads to extremely limited chances to cause immunological reaction. The crosslinker used in Neauvia Organic filler, PEG, is one of the most studied polymers in medicine due to its outstanding properties; furthermore PEG is 30 times less toxic than BDDE, the most common crosslinker used in the other fillers. Neauvia Organic fillers are on the market since almost 40 months and case of granuloma or permanent side effect has been reported yet!


Why Neauvia is using PEG, as crosslinker, while all the other brands use BDDE?

Neauvia Organic fillers have been developed to be different from all the others: a new “platform”, a new hydrogel matrix, a new scaffold being also able to deliver substances to the treatment area with the same concept of the patches to be applied on the skin for the controlled release of drugs. In order to create this innovation, a new crosslinker had to be selected, a crosslinker with completely different properties in comparison with the limited properties of BDDE.


Why Neauvia use the polymer PEG as crosslinker? Is it safe?

Contrary to BDDE, which is a simple molecule made of a sequence of atoms, PEG is a polymer, a molecule made of the repetition of the same sequence of atoms (unit). Not all the “units” can become polymers… Just to make an easy example, it’s like considering a pearl without holes, a pearl with hole (from side to side) and a necklace made of these pearls: the pearls are “crosslinked”/ bonded with a thread. Because of their wide range of properties, both synthetic and natural polymers play an essential and ubiquitous role in everyday life. Some people wrongly think that polymers are only synthetic plastics and silicone while the list of polymers includes: cotton, wool, cellulose, DNA, rNA and HA!!! HA is a polymer as well!!! Polymers are macromolecules with a very wide composition and use, but we can’t switch the destination of use of some of them…


Why should I choose Neauvia?

There are many reasons why doctors and patients should go for Neauvia!

•Improved safety due to innovative raw materials

•Corrective natural effect due to an outstanding bio-integration with the tissues

•No risk to change or lose facial expression

•Longer lasting effect and duration without compromising safety

•Skin improvement in terms of brightness, elasticity and texture

•Suitable in any season, even during hot summer

•Extended possibility of combining fillers with aesthetic medicine devices

Wide range of products able to satisfy doctor’s and patient’s needs worldwide


Is there a Neauvia filler fitting my needs?

Neauvia Organic fillers range is so wide that it is almost impossible to not being able to fit patients’ needs. The range has been developed so wide in order to be able to satisfy patients’ requests worldwide.


How long does Neauvia last?

Neauvia Organic are some of the longer lasting fillers on the market; while all the other brands have “limited” duration due to the presence of BDDE that is leaving toxic residuals after degradation, NEAUVIA Organic fillers have the correct concentration of PEG and so are programmed to last from 9 to 12 months.


How long does a treatment take?

15/20 minutes in and out for a standard procedure; if the patient require more area to be injected, time will proportionally change accordingly.


What should I do before the treatment?

Nothing special; just keep the skin hydrated and don’t get too many aesthetic medicine treatments that might irritate the skin.


Does it hurt?

Neauvia Organic fillers are less painful than any other BDDE filler because they less perturb the equilibrium of the area where they are injected, absorbing less water. Soon Neauvia Organic fillers will have the lidocaine version to minimize as much as possible any discomfort during the treatment.


What should I do after the treatment?

The best practice after Neauvia Organic filler injection is to complete the treatment with the application of Neauvia Cosmeceuticals, a dedicated line of products to be used just after any kind of aesthetic medicine procedure. Neauvia cosmeceuticals are based on 2 main ingredients, 3D HA fractional system and growth factors, which have calming effect and accelerate the healing process of skin. Neauvia Organic fillers give slight and short lasting side effects in very few cases so no special care is needed.


Is there any downtime with Neauvia?

After being injected with Neauvia Organic fillers, you might experience mild redness, swelling, tenderness, bruising, or itching. These effects should last few hours (a bit more for lips because it’s the most delicate area). Redness can be covered using Neauvia Make Up (foundation). In general, most patients experience limited or no downtime so that they can return to work and continue with your usual daily activities.


Will I notice any difference right after o should I wait for?

After getting Neauvia Organic filler injections, patients will be able to immediately see some results; however, it will take about 7 to 10 days to see the full effect. The results will typically last up to twelve months. After this period, you will need to receive fillers again to maintain your rejuvenated appearance. If you stop getting injections at any time, your appearance will just revert to its original state.


Will the looking be still natural after the injection?

Yes, of course, extremely natural without losing any facial expression. Neauvia Organic fillers have the highest bio-integration with tissues available on the market due to the characteristics of the hydrogel. Wherever injected, Neauvia Organic fillers will create volumization while spreading a bit in the tissues (depending on the product) without causing any compression.


What kind of changes may I appreciate in the next months?

Neauvia Organic fillers result can be appreciated 7 to 10 days after the injection; depending on the injected product, aesthetical corrections might last from 8 to 12 months. If Stimulate is injected, after 30 to 45 days the first signs of collagen production and skin improvements will be visible.


Do I need to get any touch-up injection for maintenance?

Absolutely not! Contrary to some other products available on the market, Neauvia Organic fillers doesn’t require any touch-up injections after some weeks.


Am I going to lose my facial expressions?

Neauvia hydrogel has a great plasticity, which means that it’s very easy to mold in the skin after the injection and, furthermore, has a great bio-integration with the tissues. Neauvia fillers have a great adaptive characteristic, which means that, without causing any compression, they are able to adapt themselves according to the tissue layer where they are injected.


What kind of side effect may Neauvia cause?

Neauvia Organic fillers may lead to mild redness, swelling, tenderness, bruising, or itching that, sometimes, might be caused by wrong injection technique by doctors; however no permanent side effects, like granuloma or product migration, has been reported with Neauvia Organic fillers, something that is more frequent with other filler brands.


Any chance to completely change my appearance like some Hollywood stars?

Absolutely not! HA fillers are re-absorbable implants that last maximum 12 months; they are used for soft tissue corrections and can be immediately degraded with a special product called hyaluronidase in case patient are not happy with the result and degree of correction.


Who is qualified to inject Neauvia?

Any aesthetic medicine doctor, dermatologist or plastic surgeon is qualified to inject Neauvia; in few countries, nurses can be qualified after being trained.


Can I be injected all year long or summer is critical like with the other HA fillers?

Contrary to all the other brands of filler based on BDDE, as crosslinker, Neauvia Organic fillers have a higher resistance to heat due to the use of the innovative crosslinker PEG.


How long are the Neauvia Organic fillers on the market?

Neauvia Organic fillers have been launched on the market in spring 2013.


What is viscoelasticity?

Viscoelasticity is one of the rheological properties, together with cohesivity and plasticity, to be considered by doctors when choosing the appropriate filler for patient. Fillers are hydrogels that can’t be considered nor liquids, neither solids. That’s why rheology is the science that is explaining the behaviour of those materials that are intermediate between solids and liquids. Rheology comes from the Greek word RHEOS, which means “TO FLOW” and measures the deformation and flow behaviour of those materials when subjected to external forces. All these materials with properties intermediate between those of ideal solids and liquids are called VISCOELASTIC materials: when subjected to external forces, solids (or truly elstic materials) will deform, whereas liquids (or truly viscous materials) will flow; with fillers, we are exactly in the middle!


When should I inject Intense or when should I inject Stimulate?

Both Intense and Stimulate Man have the same concentration of HA, while Stimulate is 2 mg/ml less; Intense is dedicated to patients with the only problem of restoring the volumization of the tissues while Stimulate is dedicated to patient also needing collagen stimulation. We might assume that the use of Stimulate increases with the degree of aging of the patient.


When should I inject Intense and when Intense LV/Flex?

Intense is volumizing much more than Intense LV or Intense Flex so Intense is much more indicated for deep lines, while Intense LV or Intense Flux are much more indicated for a moderate volumization. Therefore, the difference is not mainly due to the injection area of the face, but due to the kind of volumization.


What is the difference between Intense and Intense Man?

Nothing, just a commercial purpose…


What is the difference between Hydrodeluxe and Hydrodeluxe Man?

Nothing…just a commercial purpose…


After how long time collagen stimulation will be visible after Stimulate?

Neocollagenesis normally starts 1 months after the stimulation; 45 to 60 days are needed to start appreciating some changes.


Can we use Neauvia for body? If so, where can be injected and for what indications?

Neauvia fillers can be safely used in any part of the body, even though some particular uses like gynecology or breast enlargement or buttocks reshaping or penis enlargement are under registration or under investigation. At the moment Neauvia fillers, especially Stimulate, and Biorevitalizers, like Hydrodeluxe, are used for hands rejuvenation and volumization; even neck rejuvenation is quite popular with Hydrodeluxe.


Do products contain lidocaine?

Not yet! Products with lidocaine are under certification and they should be ready in early 2017.


Can the patient be injected with Neauvia after having being treated with any other HA filler?

Yes it is, always considering the durability of the previous filler injected.


Can the patient be injected with Neauvia after having being treated with particle fillers?

It depends on the kind of particle filler and on its duration; furthermore it is impossible to exclude the possibility of having side effects. Particle fillers are causing inflammations which are needed to have collagen production; if we inject an HA filler in the same area subjected to inflammation, we might have some hypersensitivity due to the presence of the particle filler, not because of the HA filler. It is suggested to check the estimated duration of the particle filler and inject the HA filler when the effect of the particle filler has almost gone. Otherwise inject the HA filler on a different level, if possible.


Does Intense Rose have the registration to be used in the intimate area?

Intense Rose will have the registration for gynecological use in the next weeks, becoming the second product worldwide having such a registration.


Can Intense Man be used for penis enlargement?

Intense Man is not certified for this kind of purpose; however, some injections have been voluntary performed by some doctors worldwide with excellent results.


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